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Bank of Mongolia

The bank was founded after 2000.

2 700 USD
General Information
Banking products
The bank offers a full range of personal banking services, including cash and settlement operations, investment banking, brokerage services, depositary services, loans, deposits, guarantees .
Account Types
Personal; Corporate; Savings; Current
Minimal Requirements
Minimum balance, €
Minimum balance - 20 USD/EUR
Permissible number of transfers per month
No restrictions as to the number of transfers.
Efficiency of payment
Payments are executed same day or next day.
Transfer, € (for the amount of € 50 000)
SWIFT - 20 USD (fix) + 6 USD (min) - 16 USD (max) (depending on the amount).
Crediting, € (for the amount of € 50,000)
No fees are charged on incoming transfers.
Account maintenance, € / year
Account Opening

For legal entities: set of corporate documents, completed bank forms for the company and the owner, bank statements from another bank for 3 months, office rent agreement, cash flow chart, ownership structure chart etc. For individuals (directors / shareholders / beneficial owners / attorneys): proof of ID (passport), proof of address (not older than 3 months), CV, bank reference.

Departure to the bank
No visit to the bank is required
Duration of application, months
When activating the account.
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