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Established in 1916 as Banque du Piree SA. Since 1918 it has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Since 1975 the bank has been under the control of the Greek State. In December 1991 it was privatized and changed name as above. In June 2000 Xiosbank SA and Macedonia Thrace Bank SA merged into Piraeus Bank SA. In December 2003 ETVA Bank (Helenic Industrial & Development Bank) merged into the above. The bank has a representative office in Moscow


1 200 USD
General Information
Banking products
Personal banking, corporate and commercial banking, professional investment, wealth management services, banking services of deposits and loans
Account Types
Personal; Corporate; Savings; Current
Minimal Requirements
Minimum balance, €
No restrictions
Permissible number of transfers per month
The bank does not limit the number of transactions
Efficiency of payment
Same Day Value – no additional charge. Cut-off times for same day execution: USD – 18:00 Moscow time; EUR – 17:00 Moscow time)
Transfer, € (for the amount of € 50 000)
0.15% (min. EUR 5, max. EUR 500). Internal Transfers: EUR – no charges; other currencies – 0.15% (min. EUR 5, max. EUR 200)
Crediting, € (for the amount of € 50,000)
Transfers in EUR: up to EUR 1.000 – no charges; from EUR 1.000.01 to 5.000 – EUR 2; from EUR 5.000.01 to 50.000 – EUR 10; from EUR 50.000.01 and over – EUR 20. Transfers in other currencies: up to EUR 1 000 – EUR 3; from EUR 1 000.01 to 5 000 – EUR 10; from EUR 5 000.01 to 50 000 – EUR 15; from EUR 50 000.01 and over – EUR 25. Internal Transfers - Transfers within Piraeus Bank – no charges
Account maintenance, € / year
EUR 150 per annum (corporate account); EUR 80 per annum (personal account)
Account Opening

Bank application forms; copy of the national passport (i.e. proof of residential address) and the passport for traveling abroad, KYC (business description, source of funds); corporate documents (corporate account). Bank reference for beneficial owner (from any bank)

Departure to the bank
Not required
Duration of application, months