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Offer: Registration of a Cyprus Company – set up or buy a ready-to-operate Cyprus Company

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Today Cyprus is an international commercial zone, business and financial center. The jurisdiction is very popular among businessmen all over the world.

Those wishing to establish a legal entity in Cyprus usually choose a private or public (less common choice) company with limited shareholder liability.


You choose:

  • the name of the company, which is checked for availability;
  • the structure of the company;
  • share capital;
  • objects (activities) of the company.

After paying the commission and share capital, we will prepare a package of documents for registering a company and send it to the Registrar, who will process the application and issue a certificate of registration.

The approximate time for registering a company is approximately 3 weeks.


Cyprus companies pay the Registrar an annual government fee of EUR 350 (from 2024 the annual levy was cancelled; however, the annual levy for the years 2011 – 2023 continues to apply).

The corporate tax rate in Cyprus is 12,5%.

Each company files its tax return with the tax authorities within 1 year after the end of the financial year.

Cyprus companies that have subsidiaries (with over 50% ownership interest) are required to prepare consolidated financial statements for the group.

In addition to annual accounts, all companies must file a preliminary tax return by July 31 of each fiscal year showing an estimate of their profits for the current year. On the basis of such a declaration, the company pays preliminary corporate tax.

Also, Cypriot companies must prepare and submit audited financial statements in accordance with International Accounting Standards.

You should also consider VAT issues (the general rate is 19%).


Services Fees (EUR, without VAT)

Total cost of incorporation (including compliance fee, preparation and provision of original constitutive documents of the company and apostilled copies of such documents, share issue documents, and common seal) 2 250
Annual administration (starting from the second year), including provision of registered office, but not including compliance fee 1 080

Annual Government Levy payable to the Registrar (not including late payment penalties)

(cancelled from 2024, but for 2011 – 2023 continues to apply)