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Running a business internationally offers a wide range of opportunities for growth and expansion, but the success of your enterprise will ultimately depend on a number of diverse factors and your ability to timely and competently address the challenges they may pose, or utilize the advantages they may provide. Legal regulations, both national and cross-border, and tax rules occupy a special position among these factors, which is only fortified by the degree of complexity involved and the rapid change to which both areas are increasingly prone. This is why it is of crucial importance that you obtain a precise, clear, and up-to-date understanding of the tax and legal aspects of the environment in which you are to run your future business.


The UAE offer a number of lucrative tax benefits and streamlined corporate vehicles, but not all of them are equally suitable for every line and every kind of business. An offshore company, with zero-rate corporate tax, may be a convenient choice for a business which transacts only with overseas partners; but if you have customers or suppliers in the UAE, it would not be a viable option. And naturally, the taxes which may arise, in course of your business operations, for other companies of your group elsewhere and for you as the owner must also be considered. The licensing of different lines of activity is another important factor in choosing the base for your operations in the UAE. It is also highly advisable to bear in mind the legal and administrative aspects of running and maintaining a UAE company, which do significantly vary from Emirate to Emirate, and from offshore, to Free Zone, to mainland. All of these considerations shall be taken in account when structuring your business, in terms of both the corporate vehicle to choose and the directions of the cash flow.

Some other, lesser but still important factors, may weigh in as well. The outfit and practices of the local banking, the availability of legalization services for your corporate documents, the costs of and requirements to your bookkeeping, the presence or absence of economic substance regulations: all of these must be addressed before you take the decision to incorporate in the UAE.


Tax Benefit International is a dedicated team of internationally experienced professionals in law, tax, and finance, with a strong hands-on emphasis on the UAE. We provide a comprehensive bundle of services in such areas as business structuring, tax planning, asset protection, and wealth management. We will not only help you to choose and set up a corporate structure in the UAE tailored to the needs and goals of your business, but also to run and maintain it at every stage of its life cycle. Our holistic approach to business structuring and corporate administration will allow you to benefit from corporate, visa, document legalization, VAT, estate planning, real estate registration, banking, and accounting services provided in a synchronized and uniform manner by interlinked teams within our firm, with a shared view to your convenience and the success of your business.


It is both a principle of our corporate philosophy and a takeout from our practical experience of several decades that in international business, only personalized solutions yield a positive result. No business is exactly identical to any other, and each must be approached as an individual enterprise, with its own requirements and needs to cater to. An entity or a structure of this or that type as such is not a solution but merely an instrument. It becomes an actual solution only when employed upon a thorough analysis of your business, and in a manner thoroughly consistent with your goals and duly circumvent of risks. We understand the needs of business and care about the things that matter to you.

Before setting up a company in the UAE, we will help you to make an informed assessment of all advantages, restrictions, opportunities, and risks of any Emirate or Free Zone as the seat of your future business, to understand its licensing requirements, and to get a clear idea of the tax burden you business is going to bear. We know that every business is eager to start transacting as soon as possible, and will help you to open a fully operative bank account as soon as your company is incorporated. Then, we will take on the routine management of your company to make sure your paperwork is done impeccably and financial accounts are kept and submitted on time.


We also understand that the aims and priorities of your business may shift over time, and offer ongoing tax and legal advice. Whether you plan to embark on a new project, begin cooperation with a new partner inside or outside the UAE, restructure your ownership arrangements, or expand your presence to other Emirates or overseas, we will be ready to suggest the best way of doing it. We will also be there for you, should a change of laws or regulations take place: keeping ourselves at all times updated on all recent developments and best practice, we are always ready to offer a practicable alternative to a solution which does not work anymore. With our Tax Benefit International team always at your side, you will never have to feel left behind in the fast-paced business environment or at your wit’s end to find your way around its many complexities.