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Offer: Registration of a Company in Hungary – set up or buy a ready-to-operate Hungarian Company

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Hungary is a country in the central of Europe with capital city – Budapest, member state of the European Union. Hungary has good conditions for businesses with 9% income tax. The main type of business entity in Hungary is limited liability company KFT (Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság).


Firstly, you need to select:

  • company name which should be checked for its existence;
  • structure of the company;
  • share capital (HUF 3.000.000 / ~ EUR 7.600);
  • registered office;
  • activity of the company and regions of business.

When all fees and share capital be paid, we prepare a package of documents for company formation, which will be filled with the Register (Company`s Court). After the application has been received and processed the Register issues a Resolution of Registration containing the company’s name, address, temporary tax, statistical and registration number (similar to the Certificate of Incorporation).

The overall average for registration of Hungarian company is approximately 2 weeks.


Hungary has the lowest corporate tax in the European Union – 9%. Also there is a municipal tax, which vary from 0% to 2% (in Budapest it is 2%), so the effective rate will be max. 11%.

To identify the company’s tax burden, we recommend to receive tax advice prior starting the business (we can arranged upon request).


Service Cost (EUR)

Total cost of incorporation of a company with 1 shareholder and the standard articles of association, including a reg. address for the 1st year 5.200
Opening a local bank account from 1.640

from 6.840

Payment of the authorized capital (HUF 3 000 000), which can be used in day-to-day activity of the company
~ 8.300