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from 6 000 AED

Company Formation in Ajman Free Zone, UAE

General Information

Ajman Free Zone was established in 1988 in the administrative center of the emirate of the same name. Ajman is 40 kilometers from Dubai and is one of the cargo transportation centers due to its large port.

Well-developed infrastructure and a great quantity of commercial immovable property available for leasing made AFZ one of the most sought-after zones for the incorporation of trade and production companies.

Key Specifics

  • no mandatory audit requirement;
  • quick company incorporation;
  • possibility to obtain a resident visa for company’s shareholders and employees;
  • lots of options in regard to offices and warehouses;
  • good offers for freelance licenses and visas;
  • low ranking of the zone among banks;
  • minimum authorized capital is AED 185.000 (approximately USD 50.300);
  • no need to prove authorized capital payment to register a company.

Registration Procedure

  1. Choose a company name to be checked for availability (at least 2 names)
  2. Define a company structure (director, shareholders, and manager)
  3. Define the company’s license type aligning with its activities
  4. Choose your office type: Flexi desk, E-Office, Executive office
  5. Providing documents for directors / shareholders / attorneys (either originals or notarized copies)
  6. Pay all the necessary fees
  7. Sign the corporate documents
  8. Get the originals and the company seal

Types of Office

At incorporation an office lease contract is necessarily entered into between the company and the administration of the free zone. The address of such office is considered the official registered address of the company. The company also has the right to take on lease additional office, production or warehouse premises in the territory of AFZ.

Our specialists are ready to assist you with selection of an office or other premises in the territory of the free zone at your request.

Registration Period

10 days

Types of Licenses Issued in the Free Zone

A company may obtain licenses of the following categories – Business Invest, Commercial, E-Commerce, Educational, Professional, Industrial, Media and Services.

Some licenses require consent of the relevant regulator, for instance, a number of production licenses require consent of the environmental service of the UAE or certain ministry.

*A business plan may also be required; it shall be provided if the client has decided to incorporate a company with a service, industrial or e-commerce license.

To Register a Company:
The director can be an individual (min – 1).
The manager can be an individual and legal entities (min – 1), no requirements are imposed regarding directors’ residency, if a shareholder is an individual, such individual must be over 21 years of age.
Both individuals and legal entities can be shareholders (min – 1).
No requirements as to the residence of director, manager or shareholder(s).
The company’s name should be unique.
Registration is executed in the English language.
from 6 000 AED

*This fee does not include the fees charged by the Free Zone.

Other options – upon request.