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Offer: Registration of a Company in Hong Kong – set up or buy a ready-to-operate Hong Kong Company

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Asia is a large financial center of the world. And Hong Kong is its full-fledged participant. Due to the territorial principle of taxation Hong Kong has become a haven for business from all over the world.

HK is not a classic offshore-zone, therefore it is less often found in the stop lists of the countries of the world and financial institutions.

Despite all the negative factors associated with COVID-19 and changes in Hong Kong legislation, this region continues to strengthen its financial performance.


A step-by-step guidance will follow here:

Step 1

  • Name availability check. Several names is being checked during 24 hours. Possible prefixes used in the end are LTD or LIMITED.
  • Collection of data and compliance (Business details, ID documents pack is being requested)
  • Invoice payment

Step 2

  • Applying for the registration
  • First corporate set apostile
  • Documents signing

Standard timing is from 1 week.

Step 3

  • Collection of the KYC pack from the client
  • Corporate package is being dispatch to your location

Each company is being renewed every year starting form the first anniversary.


Hong Kong is the country where the territorial tax system is applied. A Hong Kong company is subject to 16.5% profits tax ONLY on its income derived from operations with local companies and citizens and if a company is being presented in the country of registration by its employees and office.

Hong Kong companies must annually submit their Annual Return, tax return and audited financial statements.


Services Fees (USD)

Company incorporation (including yearly services of reg. agen and reg. address, apostile services) 2.250
Professional (nominee) Director services per annum  (without issue of the apostilled POA) 575
Professional (nominee) Shareholder services per annum   430
Courier delivery From 250
Renewal from the 2nd year 1.570