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2 610 AED

Legalization of Documents Issued in Cyprus for Use in the UAE

General Information

Legalization of documents issued outside the UAE and to be use within the UAE normally includes the following steps:

In the country of origin of the document

  1. Certification of a copy of the document by a notary / Issue of an original document by a government authority.
  2. Certification / notarization of a translation into English or Arabic, if the document is executed in any other language.
  3. Attestation in the relevant ministry / ministries.
  4. Legalization at the UAE Embassy

In the UAE

5. Legalization in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The UAE MFA certifies the seal of its foreign diplomatic mission.

Attestation of a document by the UAE MFA is usually the final step in the authentication process. The MFA checks the document for all previous certification / legalization stamps. Having satisfied itself that they are valid, the MFA makes its attestation, and only then is the document deemed to have legal effect in the UAE.

Notes: A document may sometimes have to undergo a couple of further steps depending on its proposed use in the UAE. If the document is required to be submitted to the UAE court or to another Ministry, such authorities are likely to demand an Arabic translation of the document as Arabic is the official language of the UAE. In such cases, it would be necessary to instruct a certified legal translator licensed by the UAE Ministry of Justice to translate the document into Arabic and then submit the translation and the original document to the UAE Ministry of Justice which will certify the Arabic translation.  If, however, the document is required by a free zone authority, these additional steps will usually not be necessary as English is accepted by most free zone authorities in the UAE.

Legalization Procedure
  1. A Cyprus certifying officer certifies the signature on the document or a copy of the document, the signature and seal of the certifying officer are then authenticated by the district officer. Only documents issued by official registrars are accepted in original (for example, by the Registrar of Companies – for legal entities). Before certification, the document is translated from Greek into English, if necessary.
  2. The document is attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus.
  3. The document is legalized by the UAE Embassy in Nicosia.
Legalization Period
3 working days
2 610 AED

Our fee includes certification by a certifying officer and a district and is per document (for documents of legal entities).

The price of AED 2 610 (USD 710) per document is for documents of individuals and AED 4 225 (USD 1 150) per document is for documents of legal entities.

The cost of translation of a document depends on its volume; these fees are payable additionally according to the standard price list.