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Offer: Registration of a Company in Singapore – set up or buy a ready-to-operate Singapore Company

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Singapore is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. During the last 30 years, Singapore passed from a small poor country to a respectable state with great economic indicators.

Singapore, one of the ten richest countries in the world, gives a good opportunity to your business, providing with high level corporate and banking services.

The most common type of companies used by foreigners is a Private Company.


A step-by-step guidance will follow here:

Step 1

  • Name availability check. Several names is being checked during 24 hours. Possible prefixes used in the end are “Limited”, “Pte” or “Sendirian Berhad”, “Sdn. Bhd.”
  • Collection of data and compliance (Business details, ID documents pack is being requested)
  • Invoice payment

Step 2

  • Applying for the registration
  • First corporate set issue*
  • Documents signing

Standard timing is from 1 week.

*Important note: Singapore is out of The Hague Apostille Convention 1961. Neither copies or nor original company documents can be apostilled in Singapore.

Step 3

  • Collection of the KYC pack from the client
  • Corporate package is being dispatch to your location

Each company is being renewed every year starting form the first anniversary.


Standard Income tax rate if 17%

The Singapore tax system is territorial in nature, with corporation tax levied on income arising in, or derived or intended to be derived from Singapore. But local entities can receive various tax breaks and benefits.

Each company must annually prepare and submit its tax return and audited profit and loss report (Exempt Private Companies may submit unaudited report).


Services Fees (EUR)

Company incorporation (including yearly services of reg. agent and reg. address, secretary, documents full set issuance) 4.410
Professional Director services per annum

from 8.100 per year + from 10.500 as a refundable deposit

Registered address and a local secretary’s services, fax number, correspondence/mailing address, prepare AGM documents for signatures of directors (from the first year) 4.140
Bank account opening assistance 9.000
Courier delivery 250
Renewal from the 2nd year (not incl. compliance fee) 4.140