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Open a bank account in Offshore Banks: selection of a bank deposit in Offshore Banks

Services and financial instruments offered by offshore banks are accessible to a wide range of people as they offer lower fees than European banks, do not in most cases require minimum account balances, and have modern Internet banking.

Our company’s consultants will help you choose the offshore bank that suits you and open an account.

Bank Country Account Types Minimum balance, € Departure to the bank
Price USD
Bank of Asia     BVI   Savings Current   No restrictions   Not required   2.730   https://www.bankasia.com/
KYBank     Cook Islands     Savings Current   5.000 USD   Not required   1.980  
Hermes Bank     Saint Lucia     Current   5.000 EUR   Not required   1.420   https://hermesbank.com/


Opening an account for an UAE company is highly likely to require the provision of legalized documents.