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Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)

Established in 1969 top-rated UAE bank


from 8 000 AED
General Information
Banking products
The bank offers a wide range of retail and commercial banking services and products, both in a traditional format and in a Sharia-compliant format
Account Types
Personal; Corporate; Savings; Current
Minimal Requirements
Minimum balance, €
The minimum deposit - AED 0 (Starter), AED 350 (Premium), AED 1.000.000 (Gold), AED 3.000.000 (Platinum)
Permissible number of transfers per month
No restrictions
Efficiency of payment
Payments are executed same day or next day
Transfer, € (for the amount of € 50 000)
Fee for outgoing payments is AED 84 at a branch or AED 21 via Internet bank
Crediting, € (for the amount of € 50,000)
Fee for outgoing payments is AED 84 at a branch or AED 21 via Internet bank
Account maintenance, € / year
An account maintenance fee is charged if the account balance drops below the minimum and is AED 250 (~USD 68) per month
Account Opening

For a corporate account: set of the company’s corporate documents; completed bank questionnaires for the company and owner; bank statements from the company account for the last 6 months (if the company is new, then bank statements from the owner’s other company account); confirmation of the source of the funds, including with respect to the initial deposit; copies of existing contracts with partners; office lease contract, cash flow chart, ownership structure chart, etc.

For a personal account: proof of identity (passport); proof of address (not older than 3 months); CV; bank reference letter + bank statements for the last 6 months.

The list is not exhaustive. The bank may request any other documents and information.

Departure to the bank
To open an account, a visit of the account manager / beneficiary to the UAE is required
Duration of application, months
1 months