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EFG Private Bank SA

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Zurich. It belongs to a global family of private banking businesses, which covers 30 countries and has around 2500 employees.


1 640 USD
General Information
Banking products
The bank does not work with main banking products and offers traditional financial instruments: fixed-term deposits, shares, bonds and their combinations. The minimum fixed-term deposit is 50 000 CHF, the rates on deposits are linked to market rates.
Account Types
Personal; Corporate; Savings
Minimal Requirements
Minimum balance, €
There is no minimum balance requirement but the bank asks for deposit covering the annual maintenance fee. Interest on the balance accrues for amounts starting from 50.000 USD.
Permissible number of transfers per month
The account cannot be used as a trading one but 2-3 transactions per week are permitted if the purpose of transactions is clear.
Efficiency of payment
Usual value date is the second day.
Transfer, € (for the amount of € 50 000)
Outgoing transfers in CHF – 20 CHF, transfers in European currencies – 30 CHF, transfers in other currencies – 40 CHF (up to 100 CHF per transfer including all additional charges).
Crediting, € (for the amount of € 50,000)
All incoming transfers are free of charge.
Account maintenance, € / year
2.500 CHF per year. Account closing fee is 1.000 CHF.
Account Opening

Photocopy of passport, business card, standard set of corporate documents.

Departure to the bank
No visit to the bank is required
Duration of application, months
The initial deposit can be transferred at any time as per agreement with the bank manager.